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Welcome to the home of the largest genetic collection of TWHBEA Supreme Versatility Champion lineage.


At TangleWoods Walkers, we strive to produce the very animal we fell in love with: the versatile, naturally gaited, phenomenally dispositioned Tennessee Walking Horse.

I always feel the need to start at the very beginning, but I suppose many of you might care less about where we started, and more about what we have! For those of you who would like to know where started, please visit:


The short version...

We started with two TWH geldings out of Ponca City, Oklahoma. Norma Lee Grimsley of Stonewall Walkers bred them both. A feisty little woman with a passion for small horses from great bloodlines.


We spent a few years trying others, always coming up with horses who possessed a great propensity for pace. I spent a couple of years buying into the idea that it could be fixed. We bought one by a World Grand Champion who, as a friend in the industry put it, "paced the worst pace, to ever pace a pace that was a pace." I later found he had gone through two gaited trainers, who didn't have a lot of luck with him. I got him in a 4 beat gait, but not without a LOT of work and heavy shoeing.

There HAS to be an easier way, right? Enter Ann & Bob Kuykendall of Windy Hill Farm in Muskogee, OK. I had several friends who rode their horses on the trail, including the person who got us into TWH in the first place. Our friend Tom sent us to meet Ann and their horses. It was love at first sight. We bought every breedable mare they had, I couldn't let all Ann's hard work disappear.

Our versatility program is over 50 years old. Our mares go back to generations of the Kuykendall's famous lineage. You will not find another program with as many Supreme Versatility Champion lineage- it does not exist. Each one of our mares carries a minimum of 2 TWHBEA Supreme Versatility Champions. Our stallion comes from another private breeder who produced amicable trail and pleasure horses.

If you are looking for the ride of your life, you have found the right place. Not only do our horses possess the gaits that made the breed famous, they have the charisma, disposition, and versatility to do anything you wish. ANYTHING.

Snapseed (3)_edited_edited.jpg

The Oklahoma Drifter

2019 TWHBEA Stallion

Biloxi Carbon Blues x MG Gold (Gen's Major General)


Senorita Miss Autumn

2009 TWHBEA Mare

Senor Pusher x Good Friday's Autumn


Barbara's Amazing Grace

2019 TWHBEA Filly

Gold Powered Jackson Blue x Barbara Ann Genius


Roxann Genuis

2022 TWHBEA Mare

Gold Powered Jackson Blue x Barbara Ann Genius


Pusher's Cookie Jane

2007 TWHBEA Mare

Senior Pusher x Good Friday's Cookieshine


That Oklahoma Wind

2023 TWHBEA Mare

The Oklahoma Drifter x Good Friday's Autumn

LunaHome (2)_edited.jpg

Mischief Managed AFW

2022 TWHBEA Mare

The Blue Deuce x NFF Wilsons Calypso Queen


Armed Secret Treasure

2001 TWHBEA Gelding

Dangerous Calculation x Cinderella's Secret

Below you will find the pedigrees, personal stories, and photos of our beloved herd

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