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Senorita Miss Autumn

Senor Pusher X Good Friday's Autumn

As I was trying to find a flattering image of this horse, I realized I spend more time riding this horse than taking pretty pictures of her. But, there is no prettier place in the world than any view from this horse's back. Besides maybe the reflection of adoration from her eyes. This is, quite honestly, my favorite horse ever. No time in the world will be enough. She is intelligent, kind, fair, willing, fast and slow, smooth with every beat, and fits me to a T. She has a narrow, deep heartgirth (great for the hips) and a powerful backend. She only ever uses just as much effort as necessary.


Senorita Miss Autumn's 1st trail ride and 15th ride EVER

Senorita Miss Autumn's story begins with a little tragety. Her mother, Good Friday's Autumn died of colic when Autumn was only 2 months old. While many horses become herd sour and fretful followers when orphaned, Senorita Miss Autumn did not. She is the herd Alpha. She is fearless and doesn't mind her own company. 

Good Friday's Autumn was by Supreme Versatility Champion Good Friday K and Supreme Versatility Champion Autumn Go Gal. She was a full sister to 1987 Versatility Honor Roll Model Champion My Gal Friday. I would also venture to say that it is likely that 1988 Versatility Model Champion Friday's Go Gal is also a full sister to Good Friday's Autumn. She was also anywhere from full to half sister to Supreme Versatility Champions Friday's Marauder K, Good Friday's Hope, Friday's Time Bomb K and Friday's Lady Blue K.

Legendary Lineage

Good Friday's Autumn was bred by Ann & Bob Kuykendall of Windy Hill Farm in Muskogee, OK. She had a 1992 Versatility Honor Roll in Model. She had at least two foals before passing, Senorita Miss Autumn and Jackson's Saint Pattie. Both mares possess big beautiful doe eyes, pleasing heads, and even better dispositions that I can only imagine come in significant quantities from their mother.

Senorita Miss Autumn's sire is Senor Pusher. I believe Ann & Bob Kuykendall either bred and sold him to or leased him from Box Hanging Three Ranch where he stood as herd sire for many years. Senor Pusher was a black roan sabino. I have had the pleasure of meeting two other horses sired by Senor Pusher. One is an own daughter of Good Friday's Cookieshine (a Supreme Versatility Champion bred and shown by Ann Kuykendall). She also possess the same no non-sense personality, level head, and secret big motor that Senorita Miss Autumn has and after Ann's funeral, we added Pusher's Cookie Jane to our herd. Our friend Tom Schmidt owns a gelding by Senor Pusher who is one of his favorite trail horses. Sadly, Senor Pusher had to be euthanized due to an injury resulting from a freak accident in his stall.

Autumn Go Gal, Senorita Miss Autumn's granddam, was a 1983 Supreme Versatility Champion. Originally she was owned by the lady who won the championships with her, and later became part of the Kuykendall herd. Autumn Go Gal was the dam of 10 foals, including My Gal Friday, Good Friday's Autumn, Fridays Go Gal, and I believe Good Fridays Hope- all with versatility awards.

Early Years

Senorita Miss Autumn was 9 years old when I got her from the Kuykendalls. They, being in their late 80s at the time, had never started her under saddle. She was halter broke and well handled, it only took some sweet feed and patience to load her in the trailer to head to our pasture. I started her on 60 acres with no roundpen, cross fences, or any other safe enclosures Just 60 acres of creek, trees, and a barbwire perimeter. I thought I must be crazy.

I quickly learned that this horse was trustworthy. I would get on her once a week, at best, and she was always the same horse. Hadn't forgotten anything, and never a handful. 


Quick learning and easy going, she catches on so fast you never realize you are teaching her. Even on her early rides, she always felt like it was her 1,000 time undersaddle.


2021 TWHBEA Distance 50 Hours award - with 72.5 hours

2022 Heartland Ranch Horse Show May 14th

     1st Gaited Ranch Rail Work

     1st Gaited Ranch Horsemanship

     2nd Gaited Ranch Trail

2020 Autumn Trail Tack.jpg


2023 Wednesday


2023 Filly

The Oklahoma Drifter x Senorita Miss Autumn

2024 Expected


2024 To Be Announced

The Oklahoma Drifter x Senorita Miss Autumn

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