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Our Past Puppies

Countless smiles!

We started breeding because we wanted to share our wonderful breed and extra special dog, Jade, with the world. But we never would have guessed the rewards that awaited us! The joy that Jade's puppies have shared with their new families has been amazing to see. You know you love something, but you never know how much the world will until its out there.


Well, our puppies are out there bringing smiles everyday. We get photos and happy stories, thank you's, and love continuously. We never realized how much our puppies would impact the lives of others. Its incredible and humbling all at the same time. The light and joy a good puppy brings is unmatchable.

4 month old TangleWoods Jolene puts the chickens to bed all by herself. Her owner says she hasn't had any training. She just decided to help with the evening chores that night.

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