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Current Puppies Available

Jade x Coyote


Born Jan 2, 2024

Jade is a proven producer, here at TangleWoods Ranch. Her puppies have gone on to be amazing working and companion dogs. From working cattle and sheep operations to children's best friends and college buddies, Jade exemplifies what we strive to produce: a Border Collie who can be truly versatile both as a working dog and COMPANION!! And why shouldn't she? She is the matriarch and cornerstone of our program. She, herself, has been a successful apartment dog for 3 years, horseback riding buddy, and working goat and cattle dog. Her puppies will impress, no matter whether its reading bedtime stories to the kids or turning a rank bull. Please visit our Previous Puppies page to find many of her previous puppies. You can also follow us on Facebook at "TangleWoods Ranch" to keep up with our Pupdates!

Coyote comes to us from a previous breeding program where he is a proven producer and sired puppies that excelled in a variety of competitive sports. Coyote is a Tri Lilac Merle- meaning he is a red base and carries a dilute gene. His previous owners loved his puppies so much, they retained two of his daughters. You can see them and his previous puppies at her online gallery:

You can also follow two of Coyote's previous pups on Instagram:

"Juneaux" @keepinupwiththecollies

"Pony" @colliesdownsouth

If you would like to put a deposit down for a puppy from this litter, please contact us! Deposits are only $100

Red Tri Merle Male


Red Merle Male


Red Tri Male

Arizona x Romeo


Born January 9, 2024

Arizona is our blue merle female. She is out of Jade, the matriarch and cornerstone of our program. Jade and Steve, Arizona's parents, are a pairing that has made some of the best dogs in the world. Seriously, just ask their owners! They have been very versatile dogs, happy in active homes with families and working stock on farms and ranches. Arizona shares these same traits with her siblings. She is striking and draws attention everywhere she goes. Arizona is athletic and knows MANY tricks and commands. She loves to perform and is exceedingly loyal to her favorite master. 

Romeo is our red tri male. Romeo is just a blast. He is fun loving, playful, and a real pleasure to be around. He is very athletic and impressive to watch, but he will curl up on the couch with you and eat up all the attention to you want to give him. He adores water! Romeo is sweet and loving, but he is also protective and the first to alert you to anything happening on the farm. He insists on notifying you of intruders until you assure him they are welcome. There's no other way to describe him, he's just a GREAT dog.

Romeo and Arizona have previously produced red tri merles, red tris, black tris, red and whites, and black and whites. These puppies have gone to family and working homes.


Red and White Female


Red Merle Female


Red Tri Male


Red Merle Male


Red Tri Female


Blue Tri Merle Female


Red and White Female

If you would like to put a deposit down for a puppy from this litter, please contact us! Deposits are only $100

To see more content and pUpdates on our pups from previous litters, please follow us on Facebook! 

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