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That Oklahoma Wind


Wednesday is everything we strive for: Friendly, athletic, naturally gaited, sound mind, gentle, correct. This little filly is everything we could have hoped for and more. She has zoomed around with ease from day one. She is friendly and bright, loving attention and always meeting you at the gate. Her shoulder and hip angle have substance and matching form. Her legs are correct to her breed. She will make someone an amazing versatility horse and/or trail horse.

She comes from an extremely long line of versatility royalty with 2 TWHBEA Versatility Champions in her lineage, among many many other titles. Her dam's side is from a 50 year old breeding program for family friendly versatility horses. We know 3 horses out of her Dam's sire, Senor Pusher, all excellent and beloved mounts. Her sire, The Oklahoma Drifter, is a 2019 Smoky Black TWHBEA Stallion. His dam is a nationally famous mare named MG Gold by World Grand Champion Gen's Major General. MG Gold is a half sister to Jose Jose who has been a leading sire in the industry for more than a decade. 

Lynette Todd, breeder of The Oklahoma Drifter, says that, "the Carbon line has put out some of the smartest best minded horses I have seen." She says that Biloxi Carbon Blues and MG Gold were as "Solid and steady as you can get." When Carbon was shipped from Tennesee the shipper and boarding farm told her to get him checked, because he was so mild mannered there was no way he was a stallion.

Wednesday is a Smoky Black, meaning she is a black based horse carrying 1 cream gene. This creme gene can be passed to her offspring to potentially produce buckskins, palominos, or smoky blacks. 

We have decided to retain Wednesday to be part of our program. I am very excited to put this filly in the versatility program and ride her down the trail in the future!

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