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Friday's Marauder K.

Friday's Marauder K. was a son of Good Friday K., but make no mistake, he did not pale in the limelight of his sire. Marauder became a TWHBEA Supreme Versatility Champion. He was trail rode by his sire's side for many years as they proved the amicable disposition and gentleness of the Tennessee Walking Horse everywhere they went.

Marauder was also part of an all TWH Stallion, all women rider drill team that campaigned across Oklahoma. One of their favorite tunes to perform to was "The Tennessee Stud."


Friday's Marauder K. was triple registered with the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders' and Exhibitors' Assoc., Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Assoc., and the Racking Horse Breeder's Association of America. Meaning, he could perform all three of those gaits.

Marauder shared the amicable disposition of his sire. We have many photos of him with a variety of riders, children, and situations.

"The Okie Belles on Tennessee Studs" drill team, with Dessa Kuykendall on Friday (second from right) and Ann Kuykendall on Marauder (third from right).


Marauder was a horse of substance with good bone and muscling. He produced beautiful bays prolifically. 

Marauder (L) with Ann Kuykendall and 3 of Marauder's beautiful bay foals.

Friday's Marauder K. (L) with Ann Kuykendall up and three of his foals out for a trail ride. Bob Kuykendall is pictured third from left.

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