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Good Friday's Cookieshine

Good Friday K. x The Allen Moonshine

Knowing how exceptional their stallion Good Friday K. was, when Bob and Ann Kuykendall set out to find a yearling filly to breed him to, well they knew they had their work cut out for them. They bought a filly from Box Hanging Three Ranch in DuBois, WY. They sent one of their best, a black filly named The Allen Moonshine by H.F. Midnight Allen. The Allen Moonshine's first foal was Good Friday's Cookieshine. She was all they had hoped- beautiful, black, born walking and oozing with natural ability.

The Allen Moonshine (Cookie's dam) and Good Friday's Cookieshine enjoy some rest and a snack together.


It was difficult, at first, for Cookie and Ann to attain their versatility points because there was only one Walking Horse show in Oklahoma, once a year (sadly, there are none now). Like all of Ann's horses, most of their versatility points were won in stiff competition against horses in multi-breed shows. 

Ann and Cookie's dreams were put on hold though when one Christmas Bob,

Ann's husband, gave her a very special gift: a note under the tree telling her she could take two mares to breed to any stallion in the country. Of course, Cookie was one of them!

The Kuykendalls took Cookie to Harlinsdale Farm in Franklin, TN where they bred her to Pride's Genius, a top stallion at producing show and pleasure horses. That next spring, Genius Gal Friday was born.

They were so proud of Genie and Cookie that they took the pair to the TWHBEA Southwest Regional Futurity and were elated when the pair won the mare and foal class. Genie also took the weanling filly class and the reserve weanling championship.

Sharing that wonderful disposition, the stole the show at the Festival of the Horse in Oklahoma, where their most famous admirer was the movies star Dale Roberston.

Back on track, Ann showed Cookie hard in Oklahoma, but decided to try their skills at the TWHBEA National Versatility Show. They placed well in the ribbons and got some hard fought points. But, yet another set back along the way... Cookie had an affair with their yearling stallion Motown Magic. That following spring, Cookie produced another fine colt: Motown Moonshine. He became the Yearling Grand Champion of the Oklahoma Futurity. It was clear that Cookie was a good of a producer as she was a riding horse.


several western riding points and winning two championships. These wins qualified Cookie for the TWHBEA Versatility Champion status.

They were so close to a Supreme, only lacking two western riding points. They decided to tackle Tennessee again, and made the long haul. Cookie and Ann placed in the trail class at the TWHBEA National Versatility Show, and finally garnered the last two points they needed at the Plantation Walking Horse Assoc. of Tennessee and International Horse Show.

Not only was Good Friday's Cookieshine a star in the show ring, she was a family favorite! Ann's granddaughter claimed Cookie as her own.

Cookie was also featured in a music video where she as ridden by Barbara McAllister, an operas star with the New York Metropolitan Opera.

Cookie was also a local celebritiy, carrying Oklahoma United States Senator Jim Inhofe in the historic '89ers Parade. 

By this point, Cookie had enough points that she was really close to her Versatility Championship, and close to her Supreme title. Finally, the decision was made to do another long haul. This time, it was to the National Heyday in Colorado since this show offered a full line of versatility classes. They very well, winning the trail class, picking up


Good Friday's Cookieshine was the embodiment of a true versatility horse. She was athletic, amicable, personable, showed an amazing disposition, and carried the name of our great breed with pride and care everywhere she went. Everyone fell in love with her. When I went to Ann's funeral, family and friends shared many stories of their beloved Cookieshine and Friday.

Ann and Cookie take a break on the trail.

Below, you will find our beloved horses who go back to Good Friday's Cookshine:


Pusher's Cookie Jane

2007 TWHBEA Mare

Senior Pusher x Good Friday's Cookieshine

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