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Gold Powered Jackson Blue

Gold Power x Generators Jubilee

Gold Powered Jackson Blue was Ann Kuykendall's last stallion. He stood at their farm for many decades. When Ann was 89 years old, I asked her if she still rode. She said, "Yes, I get on bareback and ride around the pasture occassionally." I asked who she rode and she almost incredulously replied back, "Why Jack, of course!" At 89 years young, Ann was talking bareback strolls around her pasture on her STALLION. What an amazing horsewoman and stallion!

"Jack" is the son of Gold Power, who is a full brother to the more famous World Grand Champion Coin's Hard Cash. Gold Power is also the sire of Jack's half brother, World Grand Champion Main Power.

Jack's dam, Generators Jubilee, was a source of pride for Ann. Jubi was the California State Champion Model Yearling. Ann humbly told me that the lady she bought her from needed out of her and sold her for a steal, otherwise she'd have never been able to afford her. Ann kept Jubi until she day she died. I had the pleasure of meeting old Jubi, she was kind, intelligent, and tough as nails to the bitter end. I'm not sure of her exact age at passing, but it was certainly in her 30s.

Ann and Jubi, Jack's dam.

Jubi was by Best of Generator, 1993 International Grand Champion Model Stallions and Geldings at Halter. Best of Generator was of course by the ever famous Pride's Generator

Unfortunately, Jack had a very short show career due to injury. He was sound, but his leg sustained significant scaring that would never pass under the USDA inspections for soring, despite it being unrelated to the practice.

Ann and Jack in 2017 from an article written by the Muskogee Pheonix. Click here to view the article. 

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